Types of Fences

Types of Residential Fences

When it comes to having a home, the exterior is as essential as the interior. So, when it comes to securing your property, whatever method you choose has to compliment your home’s over all appearance.

Although there have been technological innovations made in the field of alarm and security systems, a traditional privacy fence can add a level of security and allow you to kill two birds with one stone.

For those who do not desire to turn their home into a prison can choose a high-quality, durable fence that actually improves curb-appeal with its decorative styling. Aside from the traditional wooden fence, there is an enormous assortment of other fence styles and materials such as cast iron, aluminum and vinyl. Better still, fence is a lot more budget friendly than installing a top of the line alarm system, all of which require a monthly recurring monitoring service fee.

The average installation for a fence will range anywhere from as low as $800 to as high as $4,950 for a larger yard but the average reported cost is less than $3,000 for a typical sub-division home. Compare that to a high-end alarm of $850 per device and that doesn’t include the monthly monitoring fee!

If you’re in the marketplace for a fence, here are some types to consider installing for your home.

Cast Iron Decorative fence

Nothing says “class” quite like a cast iron decorative fence. So, if you are looking to really step up your game and wow your neighbors this is the way to go. The only drawback to a modern cast iron fence is the cost. But, if money is no object dive right in!

Wooden fence

A wooden fence is the conventional option for a great deal of house owners. There is a selection of designs to select from when going with a wooden fence so there is no reason to fret about a dull looking fence. Another plus, homeowners are able to install it themselves – of course, only with the right tools, permits and correct know how.

Vinyl fence

It’s best to consider a vinyl fence as an upgrade from a wooden fence. Vinyl fences are among the easiest to maintain and do a fine job for security and privacy when they are specified in a taller size. For households on a budget but looking for ease of maintenance, vinyl is the way to go.

Chain link fence.

Housing industry specialists make the case that chain link fencing is a cost-effective choice for homeowners due to the fact that there is next to no upkeep and it is great for security. With the addition of slats, a chain link fence can provide good privacy as well. Stylistically, chain link is pretty low down the list.