Glass Fences

Having a swimming pool has lots of advantages but it also comes with increased liability. The security of your kids, neighbor kids and your dogs, cats and other pets is one of the things you should keep in mind as a pool owner. One terrific way of keeping mishaps from happening is through the installation of pool fences.

Glass Swimming pool Fences

This is a great alternative if you are looking for a sturdy boundary for your home’s swimming pool. This structure lets you enjoy the view from your pool and offers the pool area a contemporary look at the same time.

Glass swimming pool fencing is far more strong than you might first think and far more visually appealing compared to any other type of swimming pool fencing. You save more as it does not require consistent covering to drive away rust while a fence with wooden panels needs paint, water repellent and other treatments to minimize the effects of weather.

Are you thinking about having glass pool fencing installed, but perhaps your wife is a bit stressed that you may have a tough time cleaning it? You do not need to fret, as glass fencing is a snap to keep clean and looking sharp. That is, if you follow these simple guidelines!

Glass Cleaners are a No-no!

Keep away from glass cleaners. These might leave undesirable residue on your fence. You may not know it, but the best cleaners are things you can quickly find at home. Get warm water and liquid soap. The ones you make use of for your glasses and plates can do just fine. Use a sponge to use the soap and water on the glass like you would when washing glasses and plates. Get rid of the soapsuds by hosing it down with clean tap water. Leave it to air dry.

Cloths and sponges

You will need various cleaning materials for railings and posts. Use a somewhat damp soft cloth or sponge to wipe it clean. If you utilize microfiber cloth, it is much better. This is the best fabric for cleaning glass, as it does not cause any scratches on the surface area of posts and railings. If your posts and railings are powder covered and have persistent discolorations, you may want to buy a solvent based cleaner such as mineral spirits or mineral-based turpentine. These materials clean without ruining the powder covering. Clean your glass fence and its accessories a minimum of every 6 months to prolong its life expectancy.